3 Important Habits For Career (& Business) Success This Year

3 Important Habits For Career Success This Year


As the new year gives you the perfect opportunity to kick bad habits to the curve, it is also an opportunity to develop good habits. However, getting rid of bad and unproductive habits is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. According to The European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes about an average of 66 days to change certain behaviours.

Unfortunately, through repetition, some of the habits, which you might not be proud of, have become a way of life and it will take time to undo or unlearn these behavioural patterns.

Luckily, the study shows that the best way to get rid of unproductive habits is to replace them with new ones – Instead of trying to stop doing something, start doing something else. So if you haven’t decided yet… Here are just a few of the important habits you need to cultivate to obtain career success this year.

Attitude of Gratitude

If you want to succeed in your career this year, an attitude of gratitude is key. Stop comparing your career path and growth to that of others. Be grateful for the career you have and be determined to work hard in order to get where you want to be.

Even though you might not be happy with your current situation, your job, annoying colleagues or even a difficult manager might actually be preparing you for a major opportunity with greater responsibilities. But you know what they say… your attitude determines your altitude.

Be Courageous

Make it a goal to be courageous and learn to take bold steps in your career. If you have been doing the same thing over and over again at your job, girl this year it is time to switch things around. Take more initiatives, be flexible, work outside of your job description, come up with new ideas, suggest new tools and most importantly do not be afraid to be assertive. If a situation calls for you to stand up for others or yourself, be bold and do so – respectfully.

Ask for Help

Whether you are making a new career move, starting a business or getting into a side hustle, you need to realise that you can not do it all alone. Yes, you can do everything, but the truth is you can’t do it all at the same time. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is rather a sign of strength and humility.

Whether it is asking God for grace or a friend for support – Just saying the words “I need your help” can open major doors of opportunity and connect you with people who will influence and change your career path forever.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s always interesting to hear the career tips of people from a range of different backgrounds. While the basics of career success are well documented, there are always some great tips that people might not have thought of before.

    I am Kate Keaney from Connor, looking forward to reading such more blogs.

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