Why Every Mum Should Try Kokoso Baby

Why Every Mum Should Try Kokoso Baby



Whether you’re a new or seasoned mum, prioritising a gentle and safe skincare routine for your baby is essential. With a vast array of baby products on the market, choosing the right products that not only contain natural ingredients but are also gentle on your baby’s skin can be quite a challenge. This is where Kokoso Baby steps in.

Kokoso Baby, one of the UK’s leading baby skincare brands, creates natural skin, scalp and hair products for babies and toddlers. What makes Kokoso so unique is that their entire product range is packed with the highest quality organic coconut oil. 

We’ve recently had the chance to review Kokoso’s Newborn Essentials Kit. Here’s our review and why every mum would love their products as much as we do.

Kokoso Newborn Essentials Kit

Corporate Career Girl Kokoso product review

The Newborn Essentials Kit includes three of Kokoso’s award-winning baby skincare products essential for cleansing and nourishing your newborn’s delicate and sensitive skin: the Gentle Hair & Body Wash, Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil and the Natural Baby Sponge.  

Gentle Hair & Body Wash

This product is enriched with moisturising organic coconut oil, combined with calming organic aloe vera. The Gentle Hair & Body Wash has a rich and creamy texture and feel which serves as an amazing 3-in-1 solution. It’s perfect for cleansing your baby’s skin, hair and scalp, all at the same time. New mums would agree with me that bathing a newborn can be quite nerve-wracking. So it’s reassuring that during bathtime you can achieve the same amazing benefits without having to use two or three different products.

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Kokoso’s organic coconut oil is perfect for keeping your baby’s skin moisturised. This product easily melts into your hands which helps for smooth and easy application. Not only does it do wonders for your baby’s skin but it’s a game-changer for treating dry patches and cradle cap as well. 

Natural Baby Sponge

The baby bath sponge is made from 100% pure Konjac and is super soft and easy to use. We love that this product is completely plastic-free which means it can be recycled when no longer needed. The sponge retains the soap really well, reducing the amount of product required during baths. Additionally, it includes a small string for convenient hanging and drying of the sponge.

What we love about this product range and why you should try it!

1. 100% pure & organic ingredients

The entire product range is made from the purest cold-pressed raw virgin organic coconut oil specially selected for infant skincare and is loaded with beneficial plant-based ingredients. Kokoso’s products are safe to use from birth and suitable for sensitive & eczema-prone skin – they are dermatologically tested & paediatrician-approved. In addition to that, the coconut-scented products smell amazing too.

2. Recyclable packaging

We love that Kokoso’s product packaging is made from recycled material and can easily be recycled. Once you’ve enjoyed all the goodness inside, you can choose to pop the packaging in the recycling bin – or use those cute little lilac coconut pots to store little items.

3. It makes the perfect gift

Besides the product being of amazing quality, the product packaging looks really pretty too – which ultimately makes it the perfect little gift for a new mum, expecting parents… or yourself!

Have you tried Kokoso Baby yet? Let us know your thoughts!

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