Why You Should Not Put Your Dreams On Hold (While Waiting For Bae)


However, now that we are adults, I believe many of us have come to realise that this fantasy is far from the truth and reality. Along the process of waiting, life happens. We discover our dreams and passions and desire to pursue it. So… many of us stop waiting. And even though we have accepted that there’s more to life than waiting for prince charming, somehow society (or in particular friends and family) seem to have other opinions on that.

The older you get, the more conversations begin or end with “So… why are you not dating yet?” and “Why are you so picky?” On top of that, social media doesn’t seem to be helping either. Personally, I can’t seem to scroll through my social media feeds without stumbling on ads like ‘7 things you need to do to win his heart’ or ‘5 reasons why you need a relationship like the hottest celeb couple’. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with dating, relationships or finding love. All that is wonderful! However, not every ‘single lady’ wants to actively go searching for it – Can I see some hands up?

So do you need to put life (your career and dreams) on hold if ‘bae’ (babe) hasn’t come around yet? Absolutely not girl!

Do you finally want to start that business you can’t stop thinking about? Go for it. Have you been dreaming of living and working abroad? Take the risk. Do you want to give your career your full attention? If you’re nodding ‘yes’ – just do it! It’s absolutely okay if YOU decide to choose your career over finding ‘bae’ – Here’s why:

Your purpose is unique

One of the main things you need to understand is that you are unique and YOUR purpose is unique. What is laid out for someone else is not your path in life. There’s that one idea or solution invested within you that will inspire an entire generation. The world is basically waiting on you. You can’t afford to stop living your life. You are your own person regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not. So the great thing here is you don’t need to be in a relationship to live out that purpose.

In my opinion, knowing your purpose is a key factor to remaining focused – Here’s why:

  • It will stop you from comparing yourself to others;
  • You’ll understand that life is not about competition;
  • Instead of being a follower, you become a trailblazer.

Every season has its blessings

Every season comes with its own blessings, so make sure you learn how to enjoy the current season you’re in. Most importantly, live life at your own pace, whether that’s regarding your career, business or relationships. Pursuing your career gives you the perfect opportunity to achieve some of your life goals. However, don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t ticked off goals you set years ago. Life has a way of working all things out perfectly!

You become your own best friend

When people pressure you (regarding anything in life) they always fail to tell you what’s really important – Yes, YOU are important. You can’t be happy in your career, business or any relationship if you’re not happy with yourself first.

So how does pursuing a career contribute to this?

Well, staying focused on your career will not only enable you to broaden your professional development. You’ll grow tremendously when it comes to personal development. Different scenarios might occur in your career, where you’ll be forced to grow and develop (soft) skills; communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability and more. Growing and developing these skills will give you a stronger sense of self-awareness as these traits are key factors for any successful relationship.

Essentially, pursuing the things you’re passionate about will lead you to the right places and connect you with the right (like-minded) people. Developing and growing any form of relationship whether it’s business-related or not, will not be out of desperation, it will rather become a bonus – There’s no such thing as time’s ticking you’re too late. Following your dreams will always keep you right on track. You wait and see!

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