5 Things to Leave Behind For a Successful Year

5 Things to Leave Behind in 2020


If this year was a good year for you, the new year should only be better. However, in order to have a more successful year ahead, you and I have got some reflecting to do – Reflecting on past performances and how to improve or get rid of certain habits that stop us for being the best versions of ourselves, both in our personal lives and career.

Starting the year with a new set of career, business and personal goals is definitely half the job done. However, in order to not fall into the same cycle (as the previous years), there are some habits, people or past events you need to leave behind for a successful start of the year.

1) Dwelling on the past

Moving on can be a pretty hard thing to do. However, what has happened has happened and unfortunately, none of us has the power to change the past. Luckily, what we do have the power over is how we decide to move on. Your past does not define you and what you have done does not label who you are. Take your past mistakes and failures, whether in career, business or relationships, as a lesson and an opportunity to do better in the next year – Let it go!

2) Comparing yourself to everyone

In our day and age of social media, it seems impossible to not compare yourself with family, friends, colleagues and even celebrities. With people living glamorous and perfect lives on Instagram, you might be deceived into thinking that the grass is greener… literally everywhere except on your end. Truth is, comparison is the thief of all joy – If you consume yourself with comparing your life with what others have and what others do, you can never be truly grateful for yours.

So this year, make it a goal to stop comparing your career, business, relationships or anything else with that of others. You will be surprised how an attitude of gratitude and a heart of thankfulness can lead to many open doors and an amazing 2020.

3) Lack of discipline / Procrastination

This is probably one of the things you and I might have to deal with every single year. Procrastination is a sign of lack of discipline and without discipline, you really can’t achieve success or be successful. Can you imagine the things you would have accomplished if you did all the things you said you would do at the beginning of the year?

Even though having goals is extremely important, not having the discipline to achieve those goals is just as bad as not having goals at all. And one of the main things that stop us from achieving our goals is procrastination. Often times we procrastinate due to laziness, lack of motivation, and unbalanced priorities.

In order to get rid of this habit try to determine the specific moments, you start the procrastinate. For example, do you put off working on a certain goal every time you feel overwhelmed or afraid? Analyse what might be your stumbling block – Instead of tackling one huge goal at one time, try making a plan of action and break every goal into small tasks.

4) Overscheduling

If you keep overscheduling you might be suffering from the ‘yes’ syndrome. Always wanting to help people so you say ‘yes’ without even thinking or checking whether it fits into your schedule. Overscheduling will cause you to always be busy and have less time to complete certain projects because you said ‘yes’ to too many things.

Setting your priorities is one of the main things that will help you overcome overscheduling. If you really cannot do something, you do not have to force yourself to do it. You do not have to attend ‘every’ event or meeting you are invited to unless it ticks off something on your priority list.

So before you say ‘yes’, here are a few things you might want to consider:

    • Am I automatically saying yes without thinking about it
    • Am I saying yes just because I feel bad or guilty?
    • Is my ‘yes’ delaying me or leading me closer to my goals?
  • Is my ‘yes’ stopping me from spending quality time with things or people that matter such as family and friends?

5)  Toxic Relationships

Although this is a difficult one, we can’t deny the importance of it. Toxic friendships and relationships play a huge role when it comes to people, businesses and plans remaining stagnant. If you feel like you have not been moving forward in life, stop and take a look at your surroundings and ask yourself “Who am I associating myself with?”. Sometimes, bad company can keep us in the same repetitive cycle for many years.

Who you allow in your inner circle is something you should carefully consider on a daily bases. Not everyone you meet needs to become your best friend. The older you get, the more important it is to pick your relationships wisely.

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