10 Excuses Successful People Don’t Make


Have you ever thought “How did this person get so successful?”. Sometimes it seems as if success happens overnight for some certain people. We often tend to think that successful people have a secret trick or that there’s something overly special that they do to get where they are. But you know what, a successful person is not doing anything different from what you do.

Truth is, you’re making too many excuses, trying to find every reason possible why you shouldn’t start that business, take that course or change that job. And while you choose to keep turning and rolling over in your bed, successful people are already up at 5 AM executing their ‘second’ master plan.

Here are some of the excuses successful people don’t make:

1) I don’t have time

Well then make time for it! If you need to go to bed a bit earlier to get up early, do it! The more successful you become the more you need to learn how to manage your time.

2) I’m tired

Everyone gets tired but that should not stop you from chasing after your dreams

3) I don’t have the right skills

Then develop the right skills. Look for available classes or courses whether in your community or online. Make every effort you can to invest in yourself.

4) I have never done it before

That’s exactly why you need to try it. Take the risk – Take the first step!

5) I don’t have enough money yet

Truth is, you’ll probably never have enough money. Your idea (or business) is supposed to bring the moneyyyyy! Start with what you have.

6) I need more experience

Honestly, you don’t! Drake started from the bottom too. However, if it will make you feel more confident, look for internship or training opportunities.

7) I have other things to worry about

Maybe it’s time to fix your mind on things that will move you forward in life and in your career.

8) I will do it tomorrow

Now is always the right time. You don’t have to do it all. Just start with one thing. Start small.

9) I don’t have the right [……..] (fill in the blank)

Yes, I know. You don’t have the right resources, tools, camera, software, books and so on. Again, start with what you have.

10) I can’t do it alone

Yes, you can’t do it ALL alone, but you can start alone and you definitely can do ‘some’ things alone.

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