The Best Places For a Work or Business Meeting

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Meeting a client face-to-face for the first time? Or ready to switch up the location for your business meetings? If so, you might have been wondering ‘where in the world is the best or appropriate place to host a business meeting?’.

If you’re a career girl working in a small office or a freelancer trying to get your way around, finding the right places to meet and connect with potential business partners or clients can be quite challenging. Mainly because you are probably concerned about making the right impression – which you should – because first impressions do really matter.

Besides that, in business, it might also happen to be more beneficial for both parties to meet outside of the office or at a mutually beneficial place. So, if this happens to be the case, again, where would be an appropriate place to meet? We have listed a few options below:

Cafes or Coffee Shops

You might not have considered this, however, cafes or coffee shops can be ideal if you are hosting early morning meetings or breakfast meetings. And if the place is laptop-friendly with free Wi-Fi and enough sitting spaces, you’re pretty much good to go!


Not many people might consider this as a potential spot for a business meeting. However, some libraries actually have great communal areas and sitting places where you can have meetings. Some libraries also have cafes and office spaces where you can book a room for a couple of hours during the day. So it might be worth looking into some of the options your local library offers. Also, libraries are great if you are looking for a bit quieter place and Wi-Fi should be available too.

Serviced offices

If you are hosting a bit more of a formal business meeting, and want to step up your game, a café or library might not be your ideal spot. However, serviced offices or office spaces such as those offered by WeWork could be a great solution. Often times serviced offices work on a pay-as-you-use basis, whereby you can book an office space or a spot in a co-working area based on an hourly rate – Perfect if you are going for the slightly more formal or professional option.

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