5 Simple Ways to Find Joy at Work

5 Simple Ways to Find Joy at Work


The notion of finding joy has certainly become popular in recent times; not least because of Marie Kondo’s influence. But how can you go about finding joy at work?

According to our research, 56.9% of women say that they enjoy their job, though a worrying 11.4% admit that their job doesn’t bring them any joy. Considering how much time we spend at work, disliking our job, the people we work with and even the environment we work in can have a drastic effect on our mental health. Indeed, a further study we conducted reveals that one in three (35.4%) women suffer from mental health problems, with two thirds (67.8%) believing that this affects their working life.

With this in mind, we’re here to help you find joy at work. From supporting others to challenging yourself, we’ve pulled together some useful tips which might help to boost your happiness in the workplace.

Helping Others

It goes without saying that helping other people makes us feel good. Whether you’re mentoring a more junior member of staff or assisting a peer with a tricky task; being known as someone who’s willing to get stuck in and help out when needed is something your employer will recognise.

Remember, this doesn’t need to impact your workload. The last thing you need when you’re already busy and stressed is to take on someone else’s work. Simply being approachable and willing to listen to others is a great way to find joy at work. Offer your time and be friendly; as a result, your brain will release those happy endorphins in no time.

Staying Productive

You know that feeling you have after a successful day? You feel a sense of achievement and pride that you’ve busied your way through a number of tasks; all while completing them to a high standard. Well, this is a sure-fire way to find joy at work.

Sure, we all have our down days. And we can’t be overly productive all of the time. But there are some steps you can take to stay motivated and focused. For example, why not write a to-do list so you have a clear idea of what you need to achieve? Break bigger tasks down into smaller ones and try to switch off from social media. Alongside this, be sure to take breaks and even get out for a walk at lunchtime; it can help massively.

Asking for Feedback

Naturally, receiving positive feedback from a manager, colleague, or customer is always going to bring us joy at work. But in some cases, you may have to go fishing for this. No-one likes to blow their own trumpet, but sometimes it’s just part of the game.

Show people what you’ve been working on and ask your manager for feedback on certain projects. This is always a good idea in the workplace as it helps you to view your work from someone else’s perspective. Plus, you’ll be able to take any constructive feedback on board, which can help you to improve in the future.

Challenging Yourself

If you aren’t finding any joy at work, it might be because you aren’t challenging yourself. For some people, coming into work, getting on with their usual day-to-day tasks and leaving at the end of the day makes them happy.

For others, feeling as if their skills are being tested, or that they’re learning and developing in their role, is what they thrive one. So, take a step back and look at where you are in your career. If you feel like you need a new challenge, talk to your manager about it, or even consider finding a new job.

Connecting With Others

Another key element of finding joy at work is connecting with others. It’s very rare for someone to work completely on their own and a key part of life is about building positive relationships with other human beings.

Whether it’s the people you work with directly in your team, or customers you interact with on a daily basis; you can find joy at work by striking up a conversation about their day. Plus, this doesn’t need to eat into actual work time. Suggest eating lunch together, or grabbing a quick coffee in the kitchen.

Other ways to find joy at work

Your health and happiness are of utmost importance, and it should be no different in the workplace. These are just a number of ways you can find joy at work, but it really does vary from person to person. So, why not make a list which focuses on what brings you joy at work. Then, you can take positive steps towards achieving this. Good luck!

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