7 Reasons To Consider Blogging As A Serious Career Move

7 Reasons To Consider Blogging As A Serious Career Move


How do you feel about blogging?

Is it simply a diversion for bored stay-at-home moms? Certainly not the type of thing a serious professional would do. Even with all its stats and success stories.

Perhaps it’s the obscure world of coding and plugins? Quite frankly, you have neither the time – nor inclination – to learn about. To you, it might make more sense to focus on your 9 to 5, climb that corporate ladder and go on holiday – once you’ve amassed enough leave days.

In this article, we’ll explore 7 reasons why working women like you should consider blogging as a serious career move.

Career Growth

Stagnation in our careers is a real issue. One that you as a woman may be more susceptible to than a man. Maybe you keep getting passed over for a promotion. Or feel you can’t get a break in an all-boys club.

They’ll never say it directly. But Patricia with the 3 kids she always has to pick up by 5 p.m. is just less attractive for partner than Tim with nothing else to live for than his job.

Starting a blog now, and letting it grow, opens up the possibility of you actually reaching the big chair on your own terms. It might allow you to open your own business and be your own CEO or gain the notoriety in your field you may not have gained otherwise. Keeping a blog up your sleeve opens up doors of opportunity that your 9-to-5 may never have given you.

Creative Freedom

Did you give up a love of fashion to pursue a career in accounting? Were you granted a science scholarship and became an engineer instead of a world-renowned chef?

We all have a creative streak that our present well-paying jobs may not allow us to explore. Your blog could be that creative outlet. Why keep your art from the world when you could share it in a blog?

The world would thank you for it. Plus, it’s a healthier stress reliever than the (we won’t discuss the ounces) of wine you guzzle after a tough day.

There’s Money In It

Is blogging instant money? No. But it can grow into a nice fat nest egg when given enough time. Bloggers reportedly rake in 6 if not 7 figures from their blog over time. Perhaps you don’t even need that much to make it worth your while.

According to Uber founder Travis Kalanick, most families only need $10,000 extra to change their lives. What could you do with an extra $833.33 a month? Upgrade your bathroom? Change the car? Add to your little one’s college fund?

Job Security

Recent events have taught us that certainty is a misnomer. Having a backup plan never hurt anyone. Hopefully, things will never be as dramatic as they were at the beginning of the decade.

Even so, as a woman you must consider maternity, illness of yourself or a loved one or general burnout as just a few likely scenarios that may change your ability to work normally. Your blog could provide a flexible alternative to your regular work should things ever change.

A Wide Range of Options

Being in a career doesn’t mean you’re in love with it or always will be. If in doubt, use a blog to test the waters of other paths you’re not sure about but would love to try. The great thing about blogging is that you really only need an interest in a subject to make you a voice of authority.

There’s always someone who knows less than you and would be grateful for the help. Think about all the things you’d be doing if you weren’t tied to your current job. Explore that world in a blog. Over time, it could grow into a full-fledged career.

Career Mobility

Blogging – and writing in general – opens you up to a world of career paths you may not have considered before or formally trained for. While you may not be producing a series to rival Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, roles in copywriting, marketing, social media management and e-commerce are all based on writing.

If you ever needed to make a career change, but didn’t want to do anything too drastic, consider changing departments. Your years of experience in your field would serve well to inform the marketing efforts or social presence of any company.

If you already work in marketing? You’ve certainly amassed enough experience and contacts to hit the ground running as a consultant or freelancer.

Escape plan

Let’s say you hate your job. If you can’t afford to change careers right now, there are a few things you can do to make the best out of a job you don’t like. In addition to that, blogging is a great way to hatch an escape plan. It can secure you financially while carving out a new career for you.

Not only is blogging a great remote job, but it also means you can focus on the things that are really important to you like your family, health and a great work-life balance.

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