5 Amazing TED Talks By Inspirational Career Women

4 Amazing TED Talks By Inspirational Career Women


Are you lacking the motivation for the next steps into your career? Are you in need of some inspiration? We have listed five amazing TED Talks by inspirational career women that will instantly boost your career move.

TED Talk #1

Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam Titles and four Olympic medals. At the age of 35, she’s one of the most successful people in sports. In this TED Talk Serena talks about being a career woman and how she’s never been afraid to put her career on the forefront.

TED Talk #2

As the COO of Facebook and Founder of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg speaks on why women need to be kept in the workforce. Sheryl also shares her take on why fewer women reach the top of their professions. How can women successfully own their success?

TED Talk #3

Eve Ensler an American playwright, feminist, and activist. Eve Ensler is best known for her play ‘The Vagina Monologues.’ In this passionate TED Talk, she shares heartfelt stories of girls all around the world. She talks about the importance and the power of ‘Embracing Your Inner Girl’ or girl cell which is to show empathy and compassion.

TED Talk #4

Casey Brown is a pricing consultant who believes in the power of communicating your value in the workplace. In This TED Talk Casey talks about the importance of knowing your worth and not being afraid to ask for it.

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