Rellery Review: I Wore Rellery Ethically Sourced Jewelry For a Week

Rellery Review: I Wore Rellery Ethically Sourced Jewelry For a Week



Every girl loves a nice set of jewelry pieces. However, let’s be honest, owning quality… I mean QUALITY jewelry pieces can often turn out to be quite expensive. But what if I told you that after reading this article all that can change? Well, Corporate Career Girl recently partnered with Rellery a sustainable jewelry brand that makes quality, meaningful and ethically sourced jewelry you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Although I love jewelry, I honestly don’t wear it on a daily basis. I usually stick with stud earrings – And, because I’ve done that for quite a few years when I wear too many jewelry pieces I feel quite uncomfortable. Nonetheless, because I love the brand, I decided to wear Rellery’s jewelry pieces for at least a week, and here’s my honest review…

Rellery First Impressions

Rellery Review packaging


Product packaging is an important aspect of the total product experience, especially when it comes to jewelry. The outside should look just as or almost as beautiful as what’s inside the box.

In this case, Rellery definitely nails the first impressions as both the jewelry and packaging truly look stunning.

The jewelry pieces are nicely packaged and come in a super cute box and handwritten note. In addition to the jewelry pieces, Rellery also gifts cute little jewelry bags in case you decide to save or keep your jewelry in there.

Rellery Jewelry Pieces

First of all, all Rellery’s jewelry pieces are ethically sourced and made of precious metals such as Sterling Silver, Solid Gold or 18K Gold plated over Sterling Silver. Each and every jewelry piece is made with love and it definitely shows in the quality.

One of the things that I instantly love and noticed about the Cuban Link Chain is the minimalistic vibes. It’s simple yet super lightweight which made it easy and comfortable to wear the entire day.




Have you had jewelry literally change color within a week of wearing them? Well, with Rellery’s jewelry pieces I had no such problem.

In particular, I wore the Cuban Link Bracelet and Bar Bracelet (which I personalized with my wedding date) while washing hands and dishes and I must say the quality and color are still intact. The bracelets still look amazing!


Cuban Chain Huggie Earrings

The Huggie Earrings are my favourite. For someone who wears stud earrings on a daily basis, these earrings are truly the perfect style and size. Like all the other pieces, the earrings are lightweight and do not feel tight around your ears at all.

Essentially, I’m loving all the jewellery pieces because they are simple yet made of great quality and can comfortably be worn at home, at work or at any special occasion.

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