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Must-Have Party And Bridal Shower Invitations For Career Girls


One of the common misconceptions these days is that invitations are a thing of the past. Organizing a party or event is as simple as sending your contact list a text or WhatsApp message – However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sending your loved ones a thoughtful or personalized invitation to celebrate a special occasion or milestone in your life is still very acceptable and essential today.

Unlike the simple route of text messages, sending out invitations actually adds a personal touch and helps to set the tone for your event. Invitations also give you the opportunity to be creative and go all out when organizing your event. Whether you’re hosting a graduation party or bridal shower, if you want your invitees to get just as excited about your event as you are, invitations are truly the way to go.

Here are some of the must-have invitations every career girl should have to celebrate special occasions.

Graduation Invitations

Recently graduated from college or university and ready to embark on your career journey? What better way to announce this than with a graduation announcement or invitation card? Graduating from college or university is a huge milestone and privilege, so being able to share this special moment with those closest to you is huge.

With graduation invitations, you can simply go in any direction and add as much detail to bring your invitation to life. For example, the college or university you’re graduating from, the title of the degree, the year, location, time, dress code (if you’re hosting a party afterwards) and so on.

Promotion Party Invitations

Getting promoted at your job is definitely something worth celebrating. If you’re looking to celebrate your promotion in grant style, sending out promotion party invitations is a great way to invite your friends and family to celebrate this amazing milestone with you. And the great thing is, promotion party invitations work just as great if you’re planning a promotion party for someone else. The possibilities are essentially endless.

Housewarming Invitations

Another special occasion that as a career girl you will experience at some point in your life is getting your own home. Moving out of your parent’s house is a big deal… and definitely not the same as living in a college or uni accommodation. It’s the time when you learn to manage your finances, pay your bills on time, and manage your home, in short, it’s the time where adulting truly happens.

A housewarming party provides the perfect opportunity for family and friends to see your new home and get to know your surroundings. And of course, sending out invitations that show a great deal of your personality, and style or even give a teaser of your new home, is the perfect way to invite people over.

Bridal Shower Invitations

Know someone that is getting married? Helping your sister or friend plan their bridal shower? Bridal shower invitations are a must! If you’re the mother, sister or friend planning a bridal shower for the bride, bridal invitations can really help to set the tone for not only the bridal party but also the BIG wedding day.

For example, bridal shower invitations could have the same sort of theme as the wedding to create the same flow and cohesiveness. If the bride is having a summer wedding, you’ll love these bright and colorful lemon bridal shower invitations.

Another fun way to send out bridal invitations is to fully customize them based on the theme of the party, the colors and some of the bride’s favorite things. And what better way to do this than with this wide range of online invitations bridal shower cards? Whether you’re hosting a birthday shower party out of town or hiring the bride’s favorite venue, bridal shower invitations will add that extra touch and wow the bride.

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