At Corporate Career Girl, we had a chance to wear and review some of Sachelle Collective's amazing pieces and here's what we think:

We Tried These Ethically Sourced Jewellery By Sachelle Collective – Here’s Our Review


As we’re fast approaching the holiday season, there’s nothing the Corporate Career Girl team loves more than beautiful jewellery pieces that do not only complete our everyday but also our holiday outfits. A great jewellery piece, to us, can be worn on a daily basis but still look great when going for a formal or chic look.

Also, when it comes to choosing the perfect jewellery pieces, quality, durability and eco-conscious jewellery are some of the important aspects we always look out for as well.

That’s why we recently partnered with an amazing ethically-sourced jewellery brand Sachelle Collective founded in 2020, by best friends, Sarah & Michelle.

As a brand, Sachelle Collective is dedicated to empowering women through their jewellery while honouring and celebrating individuality and togetherness. At Corporate Career Girl, we had a chance to wear and review some of Sachelle Collective’s amazing pieces and here’s what we think:

1. Aimee Classic Thin Hoop Earrings

Sachelle collective review Corporate Career Girl

The Aimee Classic Tin Hoop Earrings are perfect if you’re looking for big yet classy-looking earrings. Even though they are hoop earrings, they are super lightweight, making them very comfortable to wear throughout the day.

We love these hoop earrings by Sachelle Collective because they are beautiful, simple and very comfortable. If you’re usually not a big earring kinda girl, but looking try one, this one is a must-have.




2. Ava Opal Chain Drop Earring

Sachelle collective review Corporate Career Girl

These earrings are super chic and simply look perfect if you’re going for a romantic or formal look. They are 20mm long and feature a beautiful opal bezel stone.

We love wearing these chain drop earrings on a night out. They are comfortable to wear and don’t feel irritating on your ears at all. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them – Simply captivating!





3. Estelle Round Brilliant Necklace

Sachelle collective review Corporate Career Girl

Yes, we saved our favourite one for last. The Estelle necklace by Sachelle Collective is definitely our favourite jewellery piece. It’s a minimal yet unique necklace that looks great with any outfit.

The necklace features seven beautiful gradient cut Cubic Zirconia stones. Like all the jewellery pieces, this necklace feels soft on the skin and is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day.




Want to try Sachelle Collective? Check out their lovely eco-conscious jewellery pieces here.


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