5 Ways to Get a Job Without Any Experience – Even In a Pandemic


For recent graduates, it can be daunting trying to land your first job. Getting your foot out the door can seem challenging; most especially in this period of a pandemic, where there’s a great dose of uncertainty.

Regardless of the changes in the way we work and adjusting to the new normal, there are still many opportunities you can maximize that will channel you on the right path to landing your first job.

Keep reading to learn how you can get a job without any experience – even in a pandemic.

Build Your Network

Referrals are one of the powerful ways to get into a company.

Build your network and discuss your career aspirations with friends, family and mentors. Visibility is key. Join social networking sites like LinkedIn, and become an active member of professional organisations related to your intended career path.

Actively seek out career seminars and networking events to attend (both online and offline). These seminars provide an opportunity to network with top HR professionals and business leaders.

Internships & Volunteering

Take up voluntary jobs and internship programs.

These opportunities help develop your skills and provide you with the experience needed to jump start your career. Internships and volunteer jobs are a good way to get integrated into a company. If you perform well on the job, there’s a possibility you might be retained and offered a permanent position in the organisation.

In this period where remote working is the new normal, opportunities are abound to start a volunteer role with companies beyond your geographical boundaries.

Sell Your Soft Skills

Have you worked on projects at university or engaged in extracurricular activities that helped develop your communications, interpersonal and leadership skills?

These soft skills (also known as transferable skills) cuts across all aspects of your job and career. Make a list of your transferable skills on your resume, and explain how each skill will help you perform key tasks and projects related to the specific job you are applying for.

Revamp Your Resume

Ensure your resume shows you are a good fit for the job, and also highlights how you can add value to the organisation.

The Chronological Resume is a suitable format tailored for individuals with little or no experience. Be sure to employ the services of a professional resume writer to craft you a well written resume.

Target Realistic Roles

If you have no previous experience, starting your job search by applying for senior roles is counter-productive.

Set realistic expectations and apply for entry level jobs. Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. Be Proactive! Make unsolicited applications to companies, and search for vacancies on job boards and networking platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.

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