Planning To Quit Your Job? Follow This Simple Resignation Letter Format

Planning To Quit Your Job? Follow This Simple Resignation Letter Format


A resignation letter is an official declaration given by an employee to their employer to inform them about quitting their job. The goal is to provide official notice to the company along with the details about the last working day. Sending a professional resignation letter will help make things easy for the company as well as the employee. It will leave things on a good note with the employer as well. Keeping things simple is key. Below we have outlined a simple resignation letter format that you can follow.

Simple Resignation Letter Format

[Your name] [Address] [E-mail] [Phone number] [Date]

Dear [Employer’s name],

I am writing to inform you about my resignation from the company. My last working day will be [date], which is two weeks [or however much time] from today. I wish to inform you that I appreciate your support over the course of my employment at [Company’s name].

I truly value the experience as well as the memories I gained from this place over the course of my employment through the past [number of years]. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Kindly let me know how I can help during this transition.

I wish you and the entire team of [Company’s name] all the best for the future endeavours.


[Employee name]

Tips on how to write a resignation letter

The general idea behind writing resignation letters is to keep it precise and to the point. Avoid giving a long detailed explanation about why you are resigning. Keep the contents of your resignation letter brief and professional, while highlighting the details about your notice period, your last working day or any other important detail about your termination.

Here is a list of useful tips on how to write a resignation letter:

Professional & Precise: Make sure your resignation letter is absolutely professional. Do not criticise the company or your co-workers. Also, keep the contents precise. Mention that you are resigning in the first paragraph itself. It is important to keep things to the point.

Last Working Day: Remember to mention your last day in your resignation letter. This is essential because it provides the date till when you will be working for the company.

Transition Process: Offer to help make your transition process smooth for the company. It could mean offering to help in finding a replacement for your position or promising to finish certain projects before your last working day.

Gratitude: Feel free to thank your boss and your team for the wonderful time you had working with them over the course of your employment at the company.

Proofreading: Before sending your resignation letter, make sure to proofread its contents to take care of any spelling mistakes as well as do a quick check about the information provided.

Other points to remember…

Discussing the final details of your employment:

  • Drop a hardcopy of your resignation letter with your signature as well as an e-mail.
  • Always discuss the details of your notice period.
  • Organize your desk and items in case you are allowed to leave immediately.
  • Do not brag about finding new work opportunities.
  • Do not make your transition difficult, offer to help wherever possible.
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