Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a marketing professional and the Founder and Editor of Corporate Career Girl. Her true passion is to empower career girls in the workplace and help them bridge the gap between university and the corporate environment.

Natalka Antoniuk

Natalka is a part-time Masters student, full time waitress, and has spent the majority of her adult life conquering the big bad world of money and finance in her effort to buy her own house. She is as passionate about writing as she is about budgeting, and now she's sharing her knowledge on the subject.

Erin Ford

Erin Ford is an internship manager and part-time career agent from New Jersey. Her true passion is to help college students approach their internship and career journeys with confidence, and share the knowledge she's gained during her professional life.

Lola Bejide

Lola Bejide is the Managing Director of Soluman Consultancy, a management consultancy firm. She is passionate about helping people/businesses reach their optimum level of greatness.

Augusta Henning

Augusta is PR Manager for CV-Library and has been writing about career related topics for over six years. She has a passion for communication and enjoys creating all sorts of content for her employer.

Brittnay Sharman

Brittnay Sharman was an HR professional in London before making the move to Dublin. Now she spends her time exploring the beautiful canals, food and beaches of Dublin. Her love of travel and house sitting is captured on 'The Travelling House Sitters'.