Keep it Classy: Must-Follow Resume Trends for Professional Women

Keep it Classy: Must-Follow Resume Trends for Professional Women


There’s nothing like a fresh resume to start a new job hunting opportunity. So, give your current resume a makeover using these classy resume trends that won’t disappoint! Rest assured that your document will stand out amongst fellow applicants when you apply any of these styles.

Trend #1: Unique Branding

The first trend on this list takes a cue from sales. Salespeople can’t convince customers to buy a product or service if they can’t see what makes it click. Think of it this way: what makes you compelling enough to get hiring managers’, recruiters’, or employers’ attention?

Get your branding straight by putting out a branding statement. It’s a tagline that goes beyond your job description. Instead of simply describing yourself as a “Fashion Content Writing,” for example, insert a line that indicates your strengths. You can go for a statement like this:

Content Writing ● Content Planning ● Digital Marketing

Typical branding statements are 15 words or less. Cut out the fluff and go straight to your skills.

Trend #2: Professional Summaries

If you’re still using resume summaries, you may want to trade them in for something new. Resume summaries are what you need if you’re going to allure people into hiring you. Look at it this way: this is you creating the preview for your movie.

When writing your summary, be mindful of your content and tone. You’ve only got so much space, so maximize it to the best of your ability. Be direct and concise so as not to waste anyone’s time. Ideally, it should look something like this:

A copywriter with over ten years of experience in writing digital content for fashion brands. Conceptualized content strategies to increase fashion brands’ online presence.

Resume summaries take time and practice to master. Don’t get too stressed if you don’t get it right on your first try.

Trend #3: Remote Work Skills and Experience

COVID-19 has forced most people to work away from sites. A Statista survey revealed that 44% of employees in the United States worked from their homes since the pandemic. It’s a massive leap from the 17% rate previously recorded before lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were mandated.

Recent times have seen remote skills rise in value in employers’ eyes. If you have any experience, don’t hesitate to add them to your resume! The fact you’ve gained or kept a job in these circumstances will leave a strong impression on hiring managers.

Trend #4: Field-Specific Keywords

Keywords aren’t just for articles anymore—resumes need them now too.  According to a CareerBuilder survey, 54% of recruiters admitted that they’d reject resumes that aren’t position- or job-specific.

Since most recruiters use applicant tracking system (ATS) platforms nowadays, job seekers like yourself must adapt to the times and pass ATS scanners. One surefire way to do this is to insert field- or industry-specific keywords in your resume. The question is, where do you find the right keywords?

The answer is right in the job description. Give it a read, pick out the frequently repeated words or phrases, and use them in your resume. You can also look at other relevant job postings and go from there.

Trend #5: Columns

Gone are the days when long resumes were necessary. Employers get stressed out when they have to go through a pile of applications that span more than a page.

It may be tempting to go into detail about that fancy internship you had a year ago. But as we said earlier, we can only write so much content in our resumes. Hiring managers and employers don’t have the time to go through long explanations—they’re extremely busy with a lot on their plates.

Keep your content short and maximize space by using columns. Insert the smaller bits of information in them to keep your resumes looking clean and professional.

Trend #6: Social Media Profiles

Social media platforms have become effective branding channels for professionals. Hiring managers have picked up on this, leading them to check applicants’ profiles.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles give employers a peek into your persona. They can see the good, the bad, and the ugly behavior, influencing their hiring decisions. This trend is why it’s important to maintain proper decorum online. Don’t give people a reason not to hire you.

Trend #7: Results

Resumes shouldn’t be just about recounting your professional history. Results matter too. How else will managers assess you if you don’t have the performance to back you up?

Let’s say you’ve worked or led projects that significantly impacted your previous company, with successful results to match. Include that in the main body to catch managers’ attention. Make sure those results are measurable, specific, and genuine. We strongly advise against pulling numbers out of thin air.

May this guide keep your resumes classy and professional for 2021 and beyond! Don’t forget to check out more articles from Corporate Career Girl for the ultimate guide to making it in the professional world.

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