Millennial Women Are Choosing Financial Security Over Marriage - Here's Why
Millennial Women Are Choosing Financial Security Over Marriage – Here’s Why

Millennial Women Are Choosing Financial Security Over Marriage – Here’s Why


Millennial women are more practical than emotional. They give more importance to financial security rather than relationships. According to a recent survey, 66% of millennial women are not ready to put their financial life at stake for marriage. In fact, they are ready to marry someone with a tattoo of their ex-spouse than somebody with huge debt problems.

Financial security is basically at the top of their wishlist. And, their code of conduct proves that they won’t risk their financial security for a relationship. This is huge progress since previously marriage was everything for women – But not anymore.

When it comes to relationships having financial security is a huge factor for most millennial women – Here’s why:

1. Financial security is better than marrying someone with debt

Millennial women are quite choosy when it comes to selecting a long-term partner. They are waiting longer to get married and looking at only one single factor, and that is the financial health of the partner.

It’s a wise financial move since money has a big impact on any relationship. According to statistics, money issues cause 21% of divorces. Financial bliss is essential for a happy married life. If women are giving foremost importance to it, then there is nothing wrong in it.

Millennial women prefer to stay single than marrying anyone who is in debt. Honestly speaking, single millennial women end up spending a huge amount on housing, retirement, healthcare, etc. than married counterparts. Our economic system doesn’t help single women financially. Still, they are not ready to marry someone who will pull both of them down financially.

2. A credit score is more important than love

Most millennial women are not interested in dating men who have a low credit score. If a man can’t handle his finances responsibly, then how would he take care of the couple’s financial goals? If a man has a low credit score, then it implies that he has poor borrowing history. His spending habits are also not commendable. This can affect a couple’s relationship in the future.

Today, credit score determines everything. It determines if the couple can buy a home or a vehicle, support children financially and enjoy all the basic comforts of life. When the credit score is poor, a couple is forced to give up several dreams and goals. This creates a major problem later when millennial women have to give up their one dream after another due to the spouse’s poor credit score.

Millennial women think on a long-term perspective. They are not ready to ruin their future due to the hidden problems of a low credit score. So, they are simply not interested to date a guy who can’t manage money responsibly.

3. Cash is preferred over an engagement ring

The average price of an engagement ring in 2018 was almost $6000. That’s a lot of money. Around 49% of millennial women would rather have cash than an expensive engagement ring. They want to use that money for covering their wedding expenses or sponsoring a honeymoon or settling debts or making down-payments on a new home.

Cash is king. Millennial women would rather be with the king than running after an engagement ring. Cash can help them to create beautiful memories without getting into debt. An expensive engagement ring can only help to bring financial problems in the future.


Financial independence and prosperity are some of the secret ingredients of a happy life. Millennial women are choosing money, savings, financial peace, and a good credit score over relationships. Gone are the days where women had to depend on men financially. It’s a major lesson not only for women but also for men – Gaining financial security is something that should be a main priority for everyone.

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