Her Morning Routine: Samantha Rosenfeld


Samantha Rosenfeld is a dedicated marketing professional, who runs the North American division’s marketing department of a German-owned manufacturing company. When she’s not planning, developing and launching new digital marketing campaigns, she spends her time coordinating over 20 trade shows and events throughout the country. Her role requires a lot of collaboration with the company’s European and Asian offices, so luckily she loves to travel too!

Outside of that, Samantha works with a variety of clients who are struggling with their marketing strategies. She works with small businesses and individuals to develop and implement new marketing initiatives, whether that’s online or in-person.

I love the ability to support local small businesses, so I often volunteer my skills to help launch products and missions that I have developed a personal connection with ~ Samantha Rosenfeld

Her Morning Routine

6:30 AM: On a good morning, I will have already been up by this point, done at the gym and headed for home before work. That being said…I usually allow myself a few extra minutes in bed when the alarm goes off and rearrange my schedule to do my gym time in the evening.

6:35 AM: By now, I am up and at ‘em! I have three dogs, so my first order of business each morning is to let them into the backyard to do their business while I get their breakfasts ready. They eat while I shower and get ready for work.

7:00 AM: The dogs know the routine by now, and hop back into bed as I am heading out the door. Kiss the boyfriend goodbye, and drive the 30 minutes to work (all while avoiding the temptation to stop at Dunkin…)

7:30 AM: I am usually the first to arrive in the office (everyone else shows up between 8:00 and 9:00 AM) so I get the coffee pot started, turn on my computer, and dive into my Outlook. I have a love/hate relationship with global business; since we are all working on different time zones, there is never a break in the flow of emails. Still, it helps me to plan out my day each morning.

8:00 AM: Since I get to the office a little early each morning, I allow myself a little time to check my freelance website and email. I follow up with any client requests and schedule my free time to take care of the larger tasks. I love to be busy!

9:00 AM: By now, the office is full and we all head to the conference room for our weekly staff meeting. It’s important that all departments are communicating any important changes and projects, so it’s helpful to start the week together before everyone heads out for travel.

Best Advice For a Productive Day:

My best advice for a productive day is to start it off on the right foot: there is nothing worse than stumbling into work late and stressed! Make extra time in the morning to get right mentally, set your intentions for a productive day, and make no excuses for yourself! A positive mindset will pave the way for success nearly any day.

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