5 Career Sites That Will Help Land The Dream Job

One of your number one goals for this year might be to finally land your dream job. However, finding a job you love can be quite a struggle. From endless job applications to discovering the right career resources and tips. We have put together five great and useful career sites that will empower and inspire you to get back on the job hunt, nail that interview and land your dream job.

#1 The Muse

Are you desperately looking for useful job search and interview tips? It is worth checking out The Muse. You might already be familiar with this one. The Muse is a well-known career site and definitely a go-to platform for job hunting advice. On their ‘Get Advice section you will find tons of career tips from how to build a great resume to how to answer the most common interview questions – So, if you’re prepping for an interview or putting together a killer CV, checking out their career blog will give you the ‘extra’ tips you need.

#2 Marie Forleo

If you’re seriously looking to boost your confidence, Marie Forleo, an American life-coach will help you do that. Not only does she share useful career advice, you will get a lot of useful tips that you could practice in your daily life. Besides all the confidence-boosting material on her blog, you can also have a look at her always fun to watch YouTube clips. – We love her YouTube channel.

#3 HerAgenda

HerAgenda is on a mission to encourage and empower millennial women. On their site, you’ll find a lot of inspiration from a diverse group of women who share their ‘Agenda’. HerAgenda is a useful platform if you are looking to get inspired by some of the amazing things women have achieved in their career and business. Also, they host various events and workshops which are worth checking out.

#4 LinkedIn

This one might seem quite obvious, but still mentioning it, just in case it’s not. LinkedIn is a great platform for you to build your network and connect with both recruiters and employers. If you’re just using LinkedIn as an online CV platform or to showcase your work history, it is probably good to know that you can get much more out of it. Besides connecting with people in and outside your network, you can also get some useful career advice and tips.

#5 Corporate Career Girl

Of course, we couldn’t leave our own career platform out of the list! Our main goal is to provide you with the right career resources and tools to own the corporate workplace. So if you’re looking for free and useful career downloads, tips on how to write a killer CV, or how to deal with office gossips at work, we share it all! Also, you’ll definitely get inspired by our real career girl stories on ‘Her Career Story.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a marketing professional and the Founder and Editor of Corporate Career Girl. Her true passion is to empower career girls in the workplace and help them bridge the gap between university and the corporate environment.