6 Best Home Office Ideas To Boost Your Productivity

6 Best Home Office Ideas To Boost Your Productivity


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A functional yet inspiring home office is key for having a productive day when working from home. Your home office should be a place that helps generate creativity and allows you to get down to business. Whether you have a dedicated room or space, your home office deserves every bit of TLC, as home offices tend to be one of the most overlooked spaces in our homes.

To help you update and declutter your workspace, here are six best home office ideas that will help boost your productivity.

Let there be light

You might not have realised this, but having enough light coming into your workspace does wonders, if you want to be productive when working from home. Whether you’re decorating a new workspace or revamping your old one, it’s time to move your desk away from that dusty and dark corner into a place where there’s enough natural light.

Not only will the increase in natural light make you work better and feel happier, but your desk plants will love it too.

In addition to that, natural light can make a small space look and feel much bigger than it is – Which is definitely a plus if you’re dealing with a tiny space.

If you generally don’t have enough natural light coming into your home, you might want to look into stylish yet affordable lamps, which will help brighten your workspace at any time of the day.

Incorporate your favourite colours

Who says your home office needs to feel and look like an actual office cubicle? The fun thing about having a home office or dedicated workspace is that you can decorate your space any way you like. It can look professional and yet still reflect your style and personality.

For example, why not incorporate some of your favourite colour combinations in your decor? Bright colours such as yellow and pink tend to brighten up any space or room. You could also decorate with colourful accents such as these cute pillows or throw. Also, you should definitely check out these must-have wall arts from Etsy.

Personalise your space

You can personalise your home office by adding photos of family/friends on your desk or on shelves. Once in a while, you could replace older pictures with newer ones to change or refresh the space. Also, think about pictures or items that bring back good and happy memories. Personal items are great for keeping you motivated and entertained while you take a work break.

Best ways to decorate your home office and boost productivity

Decorate your walls

One of the mistakes many of us tend to make when it comes to decorating our home and spaces, is not incorporating the walls. We look for the prettiest furniture and mostly end up overlooking the importance of decorating the walls too. Especially if you have limited natural light resources, decoring your walls with wall art such as paintings or quotes will make your home office look pretty cosy – And who wouldn’t like that?

Get creative with storage

Nobody can work or function well in a messy home office. In fact, a messy desk and workspace can actually stop you from being productive. Keep your space tidy and organised by adding some shelves or these colourful storage boxes to your home office decor.

Not only will it help you to work in a clean and clutter-free space, but it also makes it easier to find important documents and tools when you need them. In addition to that, storage boxes are great for hiding stuff you would rather not look at all day.

Add a piece of luxury

Whether it’s the office chair or desk, adding a piece of luxury item always helps to make your home office look glam. Of course, don’t overdue to it, especially if you’re not really into all that glitter and glam.

For example, a shimmery or metallic vase with lovely flowers often does the job. Another alternative is a furniture piece with jewel tones to add a shiny and luxury feel to your workspace.

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