4 Tips To Land A Job You Love In 2021

4 Tips To Land A Job You Love In 2021


Yes, you read that right – It is absolutely possible to land a job you love in the middle of a pandemic. If you are thinking about leaving a job that absolutely drains you, the current economic climate might probably convince you to put that thought on hold. However, what if, despite all the chaos in the world, you could actually be doing what you love?

Even though we’re going through times of economic uncertainty, many companies are still willing to hire great talent. So, yes that does means that you don’t have to put your dreams of finding a new job on hold. Although it might take a bit more creativity and effort – Who knows, this year you’ll be sitting behind a desk doing work you actually love.

Change your mindset

First and foremost, if you’re eager the land a job you love, the old mindset has got to go! You may ask why? Well… you can’t look for bigger and better opportunities with the mindset you had last year.  Otherwise, chances are you will fall into the trap of settling for just any job out of desperation.

You need to stop thinking that every good-paying job or even senior positions are out of your reach.

Stop making yourself look smaller than you are. You’ve worked hard to be where you are right now, be confident in what you’re able to do deliver and bring to a new job.

Look for opportunities where you are

Okay, so maybe it’s not the company you don’t like, but you’ve just outgrown the work that you’re doing. In this case, try looking for opportunities right where you are. You could negotiate a promotion or take the time to find out whether there’s an internal job opportunity within your organisation.

Not only does this mean that you get to stay in a familiar environment while embarking on a new career journey – But it also gives you the opportunity to broaden your skills set and learn more about the company. This gives you more leverage for any future promotions.

Level up your network

Get ahead of the networking game and be proactive when it comes to making new connections. Don’t be afraid to broaden your network and reach out to people. However, don’t forget that you need to be genuine in your approach. The relationships that last the longest are those that are genuine.

Also, you don’t have to wait for an open vacancy before you reach out to an organisation that has sparked your interest. Why not reach out to the company and let them know you’re passionate about what they do and interested in a job opportunity? – No one said that’s not allowed!

Seek guidance from a career coach or mentor

Hiring processes will most likely look and feel quite different this year. So as mentioned earlier you’ll need to put in a bit more creativity and effort to stand out and ‘wow’ potential employers. Due to the current economic climate, hiring managers will most likely opt-in for Zoom job interviews. Although Zoom interviews are similar to job interviews as we know it, you may find it much harder to showcase your personality or bring across the answers to interview questions in the best way.

A career coach or mentor can help and guide you through this process and make sure your confidence, experience and capabilities are felt through the other end of the screen.

Even though it may look impossible to land a job you love, it is still possible.

Believe it or not but since the pandemic, there are many people who have been able to secure new and better jobs. It’s important to remember that your mindset is the first step to getting closer to the job you’ve always wanted. And, yes sometimes it may take a few more jobs than anticipated – However, don’t allow circumstances which you cannot control to stop you from chasing and doing what you love.

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