18 Career & Life Lessons We Learned From ‘Emily In Paris’

18 Career & Life Lessons We Learned From ‘Emily In Paris’


If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new rom-com series yet, we strongly advise that you do – Trust us, you will love it. Emily in Paris, tells the story of Emily Cooper, a twenty-something-year-old Marketing Executive who has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, to work in PARIS! She immediately falls in love with Paris, but unfortunately, Paris does not really seem to love her back.

Emily goes through quite some workplace challenges and is very soon confronted with the cultural differences in the French work environment. Although Emily definitely makes some ‘not so smart’ choices…

Here are 18 career & life lessons we learned from ‘Emily in Paris’:


Career & Workplace

  • 1) Your boss may not always like you and that’s okay.
  • 2) Don’t focus on being liked, focus on being good at your job (When Emily’s colleagues made fun of her and a client called her “Basic”)
  • 3) Your work will always speak for itself.
  • 4) Never underestimate the power of networking and the opportunities it may bring you.
  • 5) Never give up on your dream job. And people who truly support you will not ask you to. (When her boyfriend Doug asked her to choose between him or her career).

Working Abroad

  • 6) Always make sure you research the cultural differences of the country you’re moving to.
  • 7) Don’t be afraid to dive into the unknown, embrace new experiences.


  • 8) The vagina is NOT male (When Emily learns that the vagina (le vagin) takes the masculine article ‘”le” in French).


  • 9) Know your worth – You deserve the whole crepe, not just a bite.
  • 10) Be bold and learn to take risks.
  • 11) Believe in yourself and your capabilities even when no one else does.
  • 12) Social Media is a powerful tool. Use it to build your brand and position yourself as an expert.

Using your voice

  • 13) Don’t let anyone silence you. Your voice is a powerful tool – Use it.
  • 14) Gracefully stand up for yourself and what you believe in, even if it may cost you your job (When Emily got fired but was rehired as she was an extremely valuable employee).
  • 15) Don’t wait up for the opportunity to speak up at work. Always speak up if you need to. (When Emily did not agree with sexist De L’Heure campaign and spoke up to Antoine Lambert).

Failure & Success

  • 16) Go the extra. Become a valuable and irreplaceable employee.
  • 17) It’s okay to make mistakes. Own it and take full responsibility for your actions (When Emily made a few bad decisions but always went above and beyond the fix it).
  • 18) You can always turn a bad situation to your advantage. Use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

What are some of your favourite parts from ‘Emily in Paris’ and what did you learn? Share with us in the comment box below.

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